My Mum took my kids overnight for me so I could get some painting done in our bedrooms. The kids were so excited to be going to stay at Nanny and Poppy’s. I watched their little hands waving to me from the back seat, big smiles on their faces. Jack reassured me as they pulled out, “Don’t worry Mum. It’ll be all right. I brought my torch.” All is well in the world, Jack has his torch.

Mum returned a couple of minutes later as she forgot her phone. A second time I waved the kids off. Jack again reassured me ever so seriously, “We’ll have fun Mum, and don’t worry, I’ve got a second torch as a back up”. Priceless. I couldn’t help chuckling to myself. They love staying at Nanny’s. Jack and Indi packed as if they were staying for a week.

Painting gives me way too much time to think and I ended up in tears and having to stop, as you need to be able to see to paint. Time is drawing ever closer to our move and I realise again how much my kids are going to miss my Mum….how much I am going to miss my Mum; how much she does for our family; the love that she pours out to her kids and grandkids. She is amazing.

My tears subsided and I took a deep breath. It’ll be ok. I know it will be ok. I know that I will miss my family dearly but I have been reminded lately to take a “helicopter view” of my life.  Take a moment to look past the things that are hard today and look at the big picture. Big picture? Our time in NZ is a time of growing together and being together as a family,  making new friends, intentionally keeping in touch with old friends and family, community as we have never experienced before, being stretched, being a part of a brand new church, adventure, and learning, learning to love more and more. I am sure there will be more things to add to that list.

I’ll let the tears falls when I need too. And that’s ok. I will miss Mum, and that’s ok too. But I think I’ll be having quite a few helicopter rides 🙂

Mum with Jayden, Jack and Ollie.


3 thoughts on “Mum

  1. Mum’s are awesome. The good thing about NZ is that it isn’t too far away to stop visits etc. And the visits will make the times with your mum all the more special. I remember when I first left home – it was to move to Sydney to enter full time Bible College then Ministry. Not as far as NZ but it felt far enough back then when flights to Syd were $400-500 ($329 on special). But I know this – when you do God’s work – you are blessed abundantly, one hundred fold. Matt 19:29 “And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life.” Doesn’t quite make the pain of separation any easier, but it’s a promise worth claiming and holding on to. God will prove Himself true (even though He doesn’t have to). Much love x

  2. For the last 34 years your family has been part of our family and we love you all so much. We’ve grown together and supported each other. Thank you God for very special friends.

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