A Walk To Kindy

Christchurch is very chilly in winter. Particularly this week so far. It was a very fresh walk to kindy this morning. Great to get out and get some exercise though. The plan is to ride our bikes once India is confident and has built up her legs a bit more. I am hoping that will shave some time off our commute to kindy. It is a VERY casual 20 minute stroll with two kids, and will become even more casual the bigger my tummy gets 🙂

The kids usually talk to me at the same time, with me telling them to talk one after the other so I can hear them both out, but there is so much to see and to talk about that I usually “hmm” and “yes” and “no” to both of them. They don’t mind, they are just chatting away, happy to be chatting more than anything I think. They ask a billion questions, about NZ, about our new community, about their new kindy, about the new baby….so many new things to take in at once…India is quite sure that she will get two babies…a girl for her and a boy for Jack. Ha!

My walk home from kindy today (in the peace and quiet, without a billion questions to answer) had my mind trailing off and thinking about all sorts of things. One of those thoughts was questioning how we were doing as a family, kind of a mental check of where we are at.

I can see that we are slowly but surely settling in here. I know this will take some time though. I am prepared for it to take quite a while. I am yet to meet new parents at the kindy properly and we are still getting to know the members of our church. We are settled in the fact that we have made our house a home, have got the kids into a great little kindy, are becoming more and more excited about The Well as we hear Clint and Jamie’s heart and little by little learn about our new church friends and we can find our way around almost without the GPS helping us (This is such a small city…more of a large country town really). With Dan working from home there is a new lifestyle that we have never had before. He is free to pick up kids if I need him too, he is home for dinner and we eat as a family (something that we didn’t always get to do together), he goes for a ride for his break or heads out with Clint or Phil for a coffee or catch up.

We have a long way to go before I can confidently say that we are settled, but I feel blessed that we know some great families that we get along with really well, the kids have got some great friends in the church and with another family we are getting to know. Time will bring more friends into our lives and I am excited about that.

As I walked up the road towards our house two girls with two dogs came running out of their house. The dogs, two little puppies came bounding up to me, the girls smiled and apologised. I said hello and that it was fine and allowed the dogs to sniff my hand and I knew I was an instant friend when the dogs sat on my feet wanting to be scratched. We made small talk for a minute then they were on their way again. Taking opportunities. That’s what it is about. Time and taking opportunities.

Some photos of the river that we follow on our walk to kindy. Can’t wait to see it in the spring time with all the baby ducklings and in the summer with all the leaves on the trees.

The river that we follow on our walk to kindy.


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