Family, Friends and the Familiar

Yep, I have hit a feeling of homesickness that seems to be creeping up on me ever so slowly. I can see it coming, it’s not doing a very good job of “creeping”. As I hear of news from home from family and friends my heart wishes I could be there with them. I have found myself longing for something familiar….longing for the bush, the bird calls I know, the smell of the eucalypt trees, a “g’day”, the sound of the rain drumming down on our tin roof, a BBQ outside, a friend’s smile, a sister’s embrace, my family’s roaring laughter, my Mum and Dad’s comforting presence, my father-in-law’s conversations and company. You certainly come to appreciate these things so much more when they are no longer right there.

India was crying earlier about something that Jack had said to her. She had big fat tears running down her face…I kind of felt the same way at the time. I cuddled her in and told her she was giving the baby a cuddle too. Immediately she giggled….the disagreement with Jack forgotten. She poked my tummy and we joked about the baby giving her a kick back. Jack came to join in the fun and they were both talking to the baby, giggling over silly things they were saying. It brightened my mood and made me see that for this time, for this season, I just have to go with it….go with the feelings of homesickness, which are totally normal. I know that through all of this I still hold peace. Peace in my heart that all will be well and we are where we should be. A good feeling to have.


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