It’s amazing how a little sunshine really does brighten your day, or in this case our afternoon. This afternoon the clouds rolled away showing off the blue sky above. We could see the port hills again. It’s amazing how quickly the weather can change and I am learning that you make the most of the sunshine when it decides to show itself.

I had been checking the weather forecast for the week and looked out my window and saw the blue sky. Time to head out! We got our coats, shoes and beanies on and went to find some ducks to feed and play in the “local playground” as Jack calls it.

It was really chilly out and hard to find any ducks. The air was so cool and the light breeze stung our faces, but it was good to see the blue sky! There are more and more signs of spring coming….early daffodils on our footpath showing their colours, flowers blooming on trees, buds beginning to open….I can’t wait to see this city in colour!

A few photos of our afternoon enjoying the blue sky and sunshine…

Off and racing. We set out to enjoy the sunny afternoon

India likes to walk backwards sometimes 🙂

Jackson inspecting tyre marks to check if they are the ones Dan and Jackson left the last time they rode past on their bikes.

The kids love this slide.


3 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Awesome Kerry! A little bit of sun can be just heaven at times! Glad to see your pics and that all is going well for you guys!

  2. Hi Kerry, great photos, we all miss you guys heaps.
    Please give our love to dan and the kids. May God continue to grow the work he has begun in your lives as you seek after him. lots of love uncle Tim xxoo

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