Jack sat down the other day and wrote one of his friends names from kindy all by himself. His friends name is Joe. I was really impressed. After the praise he received he wanted to write all of his friends names. I took this opportunity, because sitting Jack down and practicing his letters is usually a hard thing to do as he doesn’t really get into it, but writing his friends names was fun and he wanted to show his teachers the next day. I watched as he carefully copied the names I had written down on some paper. He laboured over every stroke, annoyed at himself when it wasn’t up to his standards. It was something really special to him and he wanted it just right.

He was really proud of his work and Dan and I made sure he knew we were proud. His face beamed. My heart beamed. I love seeing my children learn and play. It brings me so much joy. When Jack brings something home from kindy it usually hasn’t had any modifications done to it, no craft stuck on to it, just an object of great interest and importance to him. He has already imagined what it is and tells me all about it. It has a purpose, and there are many steps involved in how it works…and a LOT of talking to me about it. Then he will bring it to kindy over the following days and adjust things on it. A nail here, a piece of scrap plastic there. And hey presto, it is something even better than what it was originally. Love it.

I am enjoying watching this boy learn and grow. He loves talking and explaining his objects to me. It can be another noise in my ear when I am busy and he is on a role…sometimes he doesn’t stop talking all day. It can drive me crazy. But I need to remember to have patience. These are the things that are important to him. I want him to be able to talk to me about anything that is important to him, no matter what his age.  If I listen close enough there is a lot of stuff going on as he talks about his latest contraption….cognitive development, learning how to explain himself, learning the best ways to get someones attention, working through solutions to solve problems – even if they are imagined.

To be patient, to be listening.

One day I might listen close enough and hear him talking about his dreams, his futures, his failures, his faith, his struggles, his triumphs, his wife, his children and all the love, hope, sadness, and joys that those things can bring. And my heart will beam and break with him and I will continue to enjoy watching him learn and grow. From learning how to write simple words, to learning how to live life. From a small boy to a grown man….I am loving this adventure…this teaching him…and loving that we are in it together.


6 thoughts on “J-O-E

  1. Hi Kerry
    I was a very good friend of Hlane’s in England. David sent me a link to your blog. It made me cry because you are such a perceptive and wise woman and your children are so lucky to have you. Helane would be so proud and touched by your words.
    Caroline xx

    • Hi Caroline! I heard a lot about you from Helane, all good stuff! 🙂 I was emailing David earlier and said to him that she was all through this blog. As I re-read the blog I am aware at how much she is still teaching me, the way in which she lived her life, the things that she was so good at that I learn from. She was a fantastic Mum and loved watching her boys grow and learn…she was a fantastic listener and a fantastic teacher. Xo

      • Thanks for the reply Kerry – Helane also talked to me about how much she admired you and how happy she was that you and Dan were together. Ii is great that you still have her in your lives through the things you learnt from her. I would love to keep in touch through your blog and see your children growing up if that is ok – I know Helane would have kept me in touch with them as she used to send me photos of them. My brother lives in Christchurch – he went to Australia when he was 18 met a girl from Christchurch and has been there for about 40 years! My mum has been and loved it. They are looking to move into the country – they live in Bulimba – do you know it?
        I looked at your other blogs – your children are beautiful and you obviously enjoy every minute of them.
        Caroline x

      • You are very welcome to follow my blog! I admit I am not very regular with it, it is something I am working on though. I haven’t heard of birdwood avenue. But, we have only been here just over 6 weeks, so still getting to know the place 🙂 I am a very proud Mum that is for sure. It is the best job ever. Love watching them grow and love learning from them too. Kerry xo

  2. OOps – no they don’t live in Bulimba – that’s where you lived!!!! They live in Birdwood Avenue { it was a “B”} I have moving house brain – we move today and are in boxes!

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