A Better View

A coffee shop. Talking about kids. Talking about Christchurch. Talking about life. Getting to know people. Really lovely people.

My week has been such an encouraging week. Getting invitations to coffee catch ups and nights out with new friends has been just what I have needed. Last week I was feeling a little mopey (I am making that a word). We had just had Dan’s Dad stay with us for two weeks. It was such a great time with him and then he had to leave! I started missing my family. I also felt discouraged with getting to know people. I rang my Mum for a chat (always a good thing to do when feeling mopey) and found myself this week being invited to coffee catchups and a night out and I just had to say to myself “GET OVER IT!”. Good grief, I needed to stop moping and look at things from a different perspective, higher off the ground from where I had my head flat against it. You can’t see much with your face on the floor….it’s not all woe-is-me….it’s wow-this-is-awesome!

I am meeting and getting to know the most lovely people! I am so thankful for these new friends and the generosity, the dinners, the lunches, the smiles, the chats and talks about life, the tips, the coffee dates, the laughs, the way they are making me feel at home in this city. A new friend just today at kindy helped me out. She sat down with India, who was working herself up about me going, and read her a book so I could leave. An angel! I am also thankful for my church family. The journey we are on together as we get to know one another and this city is so special.

Knowing I have some great people to share life with is comforting and encouraging. Stop moping Kerry, life is way too short, it is a much better view when you change your attitude and get your face off the floor and look up.


2 thoughts on “A Better View

  1. Thats so true sis!! Changing our attitude and thus changing the altitude at which we look at our situation gives perspective. I’m so glad that you are making some good friends!! Love you loads, and missing our catch ups ALOT!! Love to you and the family oxxo

  2. Homesickness does that to you. I recall living in NZ for 10 months and coping well initially and then suddenly feeling very sad. The cloudy weather doesn’t help as it assists SAD syndrome to lower on you. I sounds like you are starting to meet some compassionate and caring people. I wish you well with these new acquaintances.

    kindest regards

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