The Familiar

I was over at our friends house the other night for a meeting to organise something happening at church. I looked around the room and was really excited. I was excited about what we were planning…but I think I was more excited about planning it with these people. Yes, the event will be fun, but it is because of these people who will be there. People who are my family over here.

Dan was away for a couple of weeks a little while ago and I was still getting into the rhythm of a new baby….(who am I kidding, some days the rhythm is still being found). A few of my friends at church provided meals for me over this time……angels! They really saved me in such a simple way of giving. They would say it was the least they could do, but for me, knowing that they had their own families, children, busy lives and meals to make, it was such a tremendous way of giving that helped me so much! I am so grateful for those beautiful souls.

As I drove away from the meeting that night it really hit me that things were really familiar to me now. I walked to my car in a street I knew, I knew my way home, I passed the same old things in the car that I always do coming home from that direction of town. Walking the kids to school and kindy the other morning there was a real freshness and chill in the air, some people even had their fires going and the smell of smoke wafted through the suburb….winter is coming…something else that I am familiar with.

Friendships are becoming more familiar as I get to know people better. A friend popped over tonight while she was out walking. It was nice to see her and have a chat and know I didn’t have to worry what she thought of the state of my house – she didn’t care, even if I did. The easiness of conversations with Mums at school and kindy – so love my chats with those Mums.

I welcome these familiar feelings, this ease of friendships. It is comforting, especially when I miss my family. It only reassures me that this is home. That right now, for this time, this is home. I love that feeling!


One thought on “The Familiar

  1. Kerry… It’s so great when that feeling arrives, when we get to the point of knowing that this is where we are, where we are supposed to be and that this is home. I loved driving from Canberra into Cooma when we lived there and coming over the last few hills seeing the lights of cooma twinkling and knowing aahh home. We have just moved into another house and driving down the road last week I had that same feeling…yep it’s home… Keep enjoying it and the friendships that it brings.. Love and hugs Debbie

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